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The 10 most desired luxury tourism destinations

A study by the american magazine Condé Nast has compiled the ranking of the most desired luxury tourism destinations by travelers for the next two years, which include confirmations and some surprises.

The survey of the American magazine was based on the tastes and preference of 1,000 tourists (63% women, 80% of whom married) using luxury hotels’ guides, and spend an average of almost 10,000 euro per year (the 400% more compared to the "normal" travelers) for their trips.

As a result, over the past two years, the luxury category of tourists traveled especially to art cities (62%), followed by beach destinations (45%), the most popular type of trip is the romantic vacation (39% of respondents) followed by sport holiday (29%).

The Top 10 list of luxury destinations

This is the most interesting part of the Condé Nast survey: beyond the fact of the prestigious placement of two Italian cities, the biggest surprise is the exclusion from the first ten positions of the city that in recent years have come in collective imagination as luxury destinations par excellence, that is Dubai (11th) and Singapore (12th), while there are cities apparently less tied to the idea of luxury travel, such as Dublin or Sydney.

Here is the top ten:

10. Dublin


9. Sydney


8. Copenhagen


7. Prague


6. Amsterdam


5. Roma


4. Barcelona


3. Paris


2. Florence


1. New York


The Big Apple (28%) is the most desired city for the next two years, confirming a destination for all tastes, including the luxury tourism sector.

Do you agree with the chart? Would you add other cities? In which of these cities would you like to spend a luxurious holiday? Share your experience with a comment below!