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Windowsills, balconies and shutters: the world is a façade

Protect the intimacy of the spaces that border, leaving the viewer the pleasure of contemplation of shapes and colors that make up the structure.

The windows are the protagonists of the photographic project by the Portuguese photographer Andrés Vicente Goncalves, in which the colored exteriors, with sills and shutters, become paintings that tell about the places to which they belong. On its website the photographer explains, "I've always had a curiosity: how houses change from country to country."

Here is a first selection of images of Italy and Portugal.

Venice, Italy


Trento, Italy


Evora, Portugal


Porto, Portugal


Sesimbra, Portugal


The Alps, Portugal


Albufeira, Italy


Ericeria, Portugal


Lisbon, Portugal



Burano, Italy


Wanderful idea! Isn't it? Will you also make something like that during your next holidays? Have you ever been in any of the palace where this pictures are taken? Leave a comment below!