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20 European destinations to visit this fall

The beauty of autumn colors in twenty places not to be missed.

Perthshire (Scotland)

autumn in Perthshire

The Perthshire region is also known as "Big Trees Country" is one of the most spectacular European regions in terms of the wonderful colors of the trees in autumn. Already famous for its marvelous nature, this region boasts some of the largest wooded areas of England, crossed by lush waterways, which in autumn take on colors and shades ranging from deep red to bright golden. The most beautiful areas are located near Loch Tummel, the Killiecrankie Pass and Knock Hill: the panoramic view of the Northern Highlands, from the top of Knock Hill will leave you breathless.

Cumbria (England)


The English "lake district", of surprising beauty, made unique by the light and colors of autumn. An ideal region for lovers of trekking and nature walks, where the hills are covered with an intense ruby ​​red and a warm gold color. Don't miss the Grizedale Forest Park, where the green of the pines and the red of the beech trees frame a truly unique mountain view. Stop in one of the pubs of the Kirkstone Pass, to try the local beer or the more typical cider.

Bavaria (Germany)

The beauty of the alpine scenery and forests of the southern German region is enriched by the countless autumn festivals that are held in general in Germany, such as the Oktoberfest, the most famous and visited. In addition to wine and beer, Bavaria is an ideal place for walking, trekking, romantic carriage rides or wine tasting in one of the many wineries in the region. If you love history, there are as many as 25 castles that can be visited in Bavaria, such as the splendid Neuschwanstein, Linderhof Palace, Nuremberg or Burghausen.

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

A beautiful town along the Adriatic coast, Dubrovnik is perfect for an autumn vacation. The climate is still warm, but there is no longer the confusion of summer. The splendid beaches are still accessible, and the mountains offer unique routes through the colors of autumn. A real gem.

Wicklow (Ireland)


The mountains of Wicklow are imposing, beautiful, and rich in history. In autumn you will not only be able to enjoy the beauty of the clear blue sky in contrast with the golden colors of the trees, but you will also be able to visit historical sites such as Glendalough. Founded in the 6th century, it is one of the most interesting monastic places in Europe. If you are caught in the rain, take refuge in one of the many pubs in the county, where you will always find the fireplace and a good beer.

Piedmont (Italy)

Montagne Seu (Upper Susa Valley - Piedmont, Italy)

Autumn, and in particular October, is the wine season in Italy, but not only. Set off in search of mushrooms and truffles, or enjoy the goodness of chestnuts and chocolate. Then visit the wineries, in full swing for the harvest, reward yourself with a tasting of the excellent Piedmontese wines, and relax in the midst of the Alpine panorama.

Aragon (Spain)


The autumn in Aragon is synonymous with still pleasant temperatures. Located in the Pyrenees, on the border with France, Aragon offers wonderful excursions in the mountains or to Monte Perdido National Park (the first Spanish national park), where you will find all the possible shades of autumn, waterfalls and wild fauna.

Prague (Czech Republic)

An ideal city for a romantic weekend. To visit at sunset the beautiful Castle Hill, with panoramic views over the whole city and its famous red roofs. You can then relax in one of the city's many parks and enjoy a nature that - albeit a town - surprises.

Budapest (Hungary)

Autumn in Hungary is synonymous with food and wine events. You can visit the many wineries, give yourself a wine tasting, or visit the most important wine areas: Eger, Tokaj or Villany. Then relax in one of the city's many cafés, with an atmosphere of times gone by.

Lugano (Switzerland)

Lugano Switzerland, panorama

One of the most picturesque European destinations: situated just below the Alps, on the border with Italy, Lugano and its lake have a unique charm. The first weekend of October is the Autumn Festival, with traditional music concerts, visits to wineries and tastings of typical products.

Puigcerda (Spain)

Water and sky

Capital of the Cerdaña region, Puigcerda is a picturesque town, full of shops, restaurants, and an interesting historic center. Here you can go hiking in the mountains and admire its amazing colors: one of the best places is certainly the Passeig dels Enmorats, and the wooded shores of the lake, or the Schierbeck Park (inaugurated in 1924, named after the Danish consul who wanted the building next to the lake).

Ukanc (Slovenia)

Savica Waterfalls, Bled, Slovenia

Located in the westernmost area of ​​Lake Bohinj (in the High Carniola region), Ukanc offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the whole of Europe, from the top of Mount Vogel. In autumn this beautiful place surrounded by nature. Ukanc is also a starting point for visiting the Savica waterfalls or the Valley of the Seven Lakes.

Istanbul (Turkey)

Architecture is certainly the main attraction: visit the Old Town, with its narrow streets often enlivened by street musicians. Try the more traditional street food, like the börek (a pie filled with meat, cheese or vegetables).

Bridge of Orchy, Scotland

3.Et. Tyndrum - Bridge of Orchy - Inveroran Hotel

Immersed in the Scottish Highlands, this town hides some of the most beautiful places in Europe. Stay at the Inveroran Hotel, and enjoy the heart of the Scottish mountains, distilleries, and castles, which, surrounded by fog, seem to appear from nowhere.

The Loire Valley (France)

A good 750,000 square meters of vineyards stretch over the hills and valleys of the region, which in autumn are colored red and gold: vivid, splendid and brilliant colors, in a region that has been defined as "European New England". Needless to say, the obligatory visit is to the castles.

Ahornboden (Austria)


Ahornboden is located near Innsbruck, in the heart of the Alps. Peace here is the host, and is accompanied by the bright colors of maples (some of which are among the oldest in Europe, with over 600 years of life) than by bright red they switch to an intense gold color. When the leaves pass from red to gold the warning is clear: last chance for trekking in the mountains before the cold winters.

The Valle del Duero (Portugal)

Valle del Duero Focus on Women 23

The Valle del Duero in Portugal is transformed in autumn into a vibrant cascade of reds, yellows, and oranges, thanks to the intense color of the numerous terraced vineyards that are found along the banks of the river. The oldest wine-growing region in Europe offers excursions along the river with tasting of the splendid local wines.

Oslo, Norway

Norway, Oslo - Akershus

The change of season in Northern Europe is of astonishing beauty: the fall of the leaves gives way to clear air, ideal for walks in the center or in one of the many city parks. Don't miss the Akershus Fortress, the Oslomarka forest and the Vigeland Sculpture Park.

Transylvania (Romania)

Brasov in Autumn

In addition to the myths and legends surrounding this place, nature here is truly impressive. Medieval castles hidden among the mountains, trekking and excursions are the main attraction of this impressive southern part of the Carpathian Mountains.