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10 things you absolutely must know if you fear of flying

The fear of flying is a very common phobia in the world and many, on the eve of the holidays or during a business trip, live difficult moments until the flight has landed and you can then get off and touch the ground with your feet.

The French baguette? It is actually made in Austria

It is considered one of the symbols of France, along with the Eiffel tower and the cockerel. It is the baguette, that particular bread that brought under the arm of most Frenchmen who roam the streets of towns and cities at lunchtime.

8 destinations perfect for the fall

Summer is coming to an end, we go home, but don't despair, there is always time for an escape in early autumn, in the middle of September, the perfect month for romantics and adventurers...

Practical advice on how to organize a trip

When you go on vacation you must always prepare yourself properly to deal with any inconvenience and to ensure a trip that is exactly as we have planned and dreamed of it.

12 tips for traveling by train in the USA

The American national company Amtrak, an excellent way to visit the United States while maintaining a good budget, has recently published a list of tips to better enjoy the journey by train (especially if long-haul).

25 surprising facts about Japan

Japan is a huge, fascinating and unknown country, with almost 130 million inhabitants. There are many curiosities that we have discovered, many of which are truly surprising.

The 10 strangest temples in the world

The world is beautiful because of its diversity. There are temples of an absolutely unique originality, and often full of surprises. Let's see what are the ten most rare, original and particular that exist.

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